Born in 1973, his first contact with DJing ever was on his 18 th birthday. A friend of Daft agreed to spin the tables for him that night. When Daft saw him play around with the records he was really amazed and thought it would be nice to try this too. So he asked the guy whether he could try a little and as it was Daft's party he agreed. Of course at this time what he tried sounded kinda shitty, but it was only the beginning of a true passion. Together with two friends they decided to start out with a disco-team. their first parties were held in a private garage, big enough to carry up to 150 party-people.


The equipment they had was the worst you can imagine: discman, another old and scrappy cd-player and last but not least a turntable without pitch control. As most DJs Daft started out playing any kind of music. It was around 1992 or 1993 when fate decided to help him out. A friend of his invited him to a b-day party in Vianden. The location was the “MOCK”, a small disco club mainly used in the summer for tourists. The DJ who should spin that day couldn't come and so Daft got the chance to show what he learned since starting practicing. He impressed the owner of the club so much that he got his first residence.   


After two summer seasons in the “MOCK”, Daft wanted to experience something new and so he tried various other places like the “COCOTIER” in Wiltz or the “ TIVOLI ” in Diekirch. In both clubs he stayed as resident for a while, but he needed a new challenge. Daft was invited to several clubs for guest acts, “ATELIER” in Luxembourg , “KEY WEST” in Foetz where he participated in a “best of DJs show” and many other parties where he still played every kind of music.


It wasn't till 1999 when Daft discovered his personal interest in spinning Techno, the music he likes best anyway. In the beginning it wasn't easy for him to find a style but after a while he did. Since that time he mainly played on many free-parties, after-parties and tons of private parties, namely at the “DREPPS” or at the “PALME D'OR”. Spinning the tables is more than just fun to him.


In 2001 and 2002 Daft got the chance to spin at a location on the Nature One camping which was a great experience. There he met some people who hired him as a resident at the “ ALABAMA ” in Mohrbach/Germany. He got a second resident club: the “NJOY” in Arlon/Belgium, where he was about to meet with real good DJs as RUSH, MARCO REMUS, ADAM BEYER, … So Daft got the chance to build up his reputation in Luxembourg , Gemany and Belgium .